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Cool:Gen Consulting Practice
Cool:Gen - A proven area of expertise at Telkite
One of Telkite's proven areas of expertise lies with Computer Associates' COOL:Gen product. We take pride in being associated with this product from its early days as Texas Instruments (TI) IEF/Composer to its current COOL:Gen version.

Telkite was a Strategic Alliance Partner for TI and assisted in the development and support of IEF/Composer applications in the US.

As demonstrated by the large quantity of success stories worldwide, COOL:Gen when used effectively -

Can reduce IS department developments costs
Produce tremendous application development productivity gains
Allow organizations to quickly reflect ever-changing business   environment changes in their system
Through our 8 years of working in the IEF/Composer/COOL:Gen   environment, our consultants have acquired the experience to assist   customers avoid common pitfalls associated with large-scale application   development

Experience in Cool:Gen
Telkite's experience in COOL:Gen encompasses the entire range of functions like -

Data Modeling
Process Diagrams
Procedure Action Diagrams
GUI and Screen design controls
Event Processing
Dialog Design (both Block mode and Client/Server mode)
User defined events
External calls
Batch processing and Encyclopedia
Model Administration

Cool:Gen Solutions & Services
Telkite brings to client projects a repertoire of services from our vast experience on large scale COOL:Gen projects. These services include:

Project Plans
Business Rule Capture Databases
Testing and Problem Report Databases
Reporting Solutions
GUI Window Design Templates
Coding Templates
Project Infrastructure Standards
Component Design Standards
System Structure Design Expertise
Database Design Review Expertise
Legacy System Interface Expertise
WEB enabling Expertise

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