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JDA Arthur Retail Software for Unix/Oracle & IBM pSeries
The JDA Arthur® application suite offered by JDA Software Group is well-known and widely used by medium to large scale retailers to address planning, open-to-buy, assortment planning and in-depth allocation functions.

This application suite is a Unix/Oracle solution and will run on IBM's pSeries (previously known as the RS/6000) hardware platform.

Bottom Line Benefits
Building on years of experience of creating managerial, budgeting and reporting applications, JDA Arthur ® provides the ability to:

Produce plans and forecasts based on historical data from existing   systems.
Modify plans in-season by feeding in new data as it becomes available.
Flexible what-if analysis. The dynamic nature of rule set intelligence   allows retailers to change their mind about which variables to analyze   from one calculation to the next.
Multi-dimensionality. The data entered into any cell in a planning module   affects the data throughout the entire module, and is reflected in every   spreadsheet and chart for that module.

JDA Arthur Description
Arthur® was purchased by JDA in the late 1990s. It is unique to the Unix-based platforms (pSeries, Sun, etc.) and runs on the Oracle database.

JDA's Arthur® suite is comprised of several solutions that can be implemented individually or as a suite. The benefits of using the suite enables retailers to get the right amount of product to the right place at the right time, thereby increasing profitability.

For retailers who want advanced and in-depth planning, assortment plans and allocations, the Arthur® suite is a leading choice among retailers. The RAPID package is available which is an easy-to-use application based upon best practices and a proven implementation methodology that drives users through a step-by-step process of planning.

The Arthur® suite is comprised of the following solutions:

Advanced Allocation
The art of merchandise allocation demands that key consumer insights are transformed into the right mix of products at each store. With Advanced Allocation, retailers can optimize store-specific product assortments across the entire retail organization. Customizable to accommodate a broad range of allocation techniques, Advanced Allocation helps keep the big plan in mind as it allocates the details.

Features of Advanced Allocation allow retailers to:

Allocate merchandise in bulk or pre-pack.
Allocate multiple styles at the same time.
Consider sales history, on hand and Arthur Planning data when   calculating distributions
Group stores based on attributes such as demographics, climate, grade   and location.
Schedule and automatically allocate merchandise using established   allocation methods.
Use templates, grading or model stock as well as minimum and   maximum quantities to control allocations.

Assortment Planning
As part of the overall merchandising process, Assortment Planning allows retailers to take the budget for a particular group of items and fine-tune the merchandise mix by store, looking at which items will sell at which stores and in what quantities. Assortment Planning helps optimize merchandise selection, bridging the gap between plan and purchase order.

Features of Assortment Planning allow retailers to:

Import company goals and determine whether a planned assortment is   in line with goals
Plan at a low level of detail to achieve the optimum merchandise mix.
Review planned assortments from every angle for each product and   store attribute.
Create consolidations of assortments, view collections or get a view of   the big picture.

Performance Analysis Web
This is a Web-enabled analysis tool to view planning data in standard Web pages utilizing the intranet. It works with standard browsers and standard HTML editors and provides dynamic drill-down and rotation capabilities through a drag and drop interface.

Key benefits include:

Fast implementations.
Intuitive interface/short learning curve.
Adhoc calculations.
Topic driven navigation that focuses on key issues.
Exception based reporting to help pinpoint areas needing attention.

Merchandise Planning
Also known as Arthur ® Planning, this is a multi-dimensional client-server based merchandise planning application, capable of handling large volumes of data while providing ease of use and maintaining data integrity.

Features of Merchandise Planning allow retailers to:

Spread strategic plans down to any or all lower detail levels or work   from bottom up depending on the organization objectives and culture.
Develop plans in dollars and units, considering cross channel customer   trends and location specific concerns.
Uses advanced, customizable planning measures to assist in coordination   between merchandising, operations and distribution functions.
Allows the effective integration of process, team and support systems
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