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Advanced Store Replenishment by E3 (ASR), Network Optimization by E3 (OPT), Advanced Warehouse Replenishment by E3 (AWR), Marketplace Replenish GUI (MR GUI) and Electronic Dynamic Agreement (eDA) are offered by JDA Software Group to address the basic and advanced functions within the context of demand forecasting, replenishment and Collaborative Planning Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR).

This application suite runs on a System i (previously known as the iSeries or AS/400) hardware platform.

Bottom Line Benefits
JDA E3 solutions increase profit, lower carrying costs, reduce inventory levels, increase service levels and sales and improve buyer productivity.

Customers often see an inventory reduction of 15-30 percent for   replenished product.
Service level and sales increases of 2-5 percent are common for users   installing these solutions.
Profits typically increase by 6-12 percent through the use of the E3   solutions.

The E3 offering focuses on the people, processes and tools supporting demand forecasting and buying. The bottom line: new ways to maximize profits through increased regular and promotional sales, reduced inventory levels and improved forward buy decisions.

JDA E3 Description
Formerly known as E3SLIM, TOPS, E3TRIM and E3Marketplace, these applications are currently being re-architected into Microsoft's .NET framework.

ASR and AWR base functions support the 7 Steps of Buying

Other functions:
ASR specific function

AWR specific function

OPT supports integration of store and warehouse level forecasting and replenishment

MR GUI supports vendor collaboration on forecasting and replenishment

eDA supports order forecast generation and collaboration

Demand Forecasting – forecast future sales or shipments using historic sales or shipment values. Seasonal profiles and promotional tools enable buyers to adjust forecasts for future activity.

Leadtime Forecasting – predict time from order create to available product using historic leadtimes for items and vendors to find patterns and trends.

Order Policy Analysis – balance acquisition costs against carrying costs to calculate the most profitable order cycle.

Service Level Analysis – preserve instocks while minimizing inventory investment. Safety stock requirements are uniquely calculated by item/location.

Replenishment – generate suggested order quantities for every item/location every night. Due order logic suggests placing purchase orders only for those sources where additional product is required to preserve service levels.

Special Order Analysis – adds quantities to replenishment orders when Deals, Promotions or New Stores impact need. Overstock transfer allows E3 to support item needs without bringing additional inventory into the demand chain.

Order Validity – assures that orders placed meet all rules for minimums, maximums and multiples such as truckload, casepack, layer and pallet.

Support Store-level Detail – additional mass maintenance functions, New Store Rollout, Allocation, Start Date and Stop Date logic along with Presentation Minimum logic are available in ASR.

Support Warehouse-level Detail – deals, Alternate Source, Bookings and Collaboration solutions are available with AWR.

Forecast Synchronization – warehouse values for the demand forecast, seasonal profile, demand history, Plans, Events, and Bookings are created based on store values and adjustments.

Store Coverage Adjustments – warehouse purchase order quantities and inventory levels are adjusted based on the inventory in stores.

VICS CPFR Award Winner – increase service, reduce inventory and improve buyer productivity by partnering with key trusted suppliers.

Order Forecasts – create order forecasts using the same logic as actual purchase orders. Up to one year of order forecasts can be collaborated on by trading partners and these order forecasts become purchase orders at appropriate timing
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