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Oracle Configurator
Oracle configurator is an add-on module to CRM and ERP system. It is an essential tool that collects and maps the detailed requirements from the customer into product or service and is very typical for a Configure-To-Order (CTO) scenario.

The key features are:

Integration with Order Management, Manufacturing and CRM modules
Match customer requirements to the best possible solution
Ensure the valid product during Order Entry
Provide the Guided selling with configuration Capabilities
Provide real-time feedback on the impact of user selections.

Challenges during implementation:
During the configuration process, Telkite found that the Oracle Configurator usage is cumbersome in validating the Configured item components, its price and cost in one step and also need to switch between multiple modules to configure model which increases the Engineer to Order cycle and the time to fulfill the order for Configured Product.

Main Challenges are:

No Single View of Information – need to switch between modules for   validating information
No information sharing between departments and lack of communication
Validate rollup cost and price without creating and progressing   order
No Proactive decision making Tool which makes the Engineer to Order   Process Iterative for any changes
Manually delete Configured Item(used for testing cost and Price)   BOM/Routing
Reprice features and option for a configured Item available only during   Order Configuration process.

Telkite’s Solution
Telkite team has come up with a bolt-on solution in addressing the challenges during the Configuration implementation and to enhance the base functionality in providing companies a productive tool to enhance the Engineer to Order process. The solution has helped faster decision making and productivity tool to speed up the build of configured item.

Key Features are:
Integration with base configurator module to configure the model   before publishing to Oracle modules.
Validate the rollup price of the model
Single user interface to get critical information about Configured   Product, Cost and Price at a rollup level and break down to component   level.
One click solution to calculate the rollup cost of configured item with   minimal required input.
Reprice the configured item
Delete the configured item bill of materials and routing with one   click.

Productivity Tool for enhancing ETO / CTO processes.
Proactive decision making between Engineering / Sales / Finance teams.
Single interface to validate item, cost and price.
Configure Items for Multiple Inventory Orgs.
Automated process for Cost and Price rollup
View details for Configured Item with Cost
Less Time to Configure and Validate
Have a Sales
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