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Oracle Applications Practice
Oracle Applications consulting practice at Telkite
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) comprises of a commercial software package that promises the seamless integration of all information flowing through the company - financial, accounting, human resources, supply chain and customer information.

ERP - Major Benefits
On-line/real time information throughout all the functional areas of an   organization
Data standardization and accuracy across the enterprise
'Best-practices' included in the application
The efficiency they force an organization to undertake
The analysis and reporting that can be used for the long term planning

Capabilities - Oracle Applications Practice
Oracle Applications Implementation
Application upgrades
Application re-engineering/enhancement
Customized training and knowledge transfer
Post-implementation support
Database management

Application Implementation Methodology (AIM)
The Oracle Applications Consulting Practice of Telkite adheres to the Application Implementation Methodology (AIM), which was developed by Oracle Corp to implement Oracle Applications.

We either follow the Full-phased approach or the Fast-forward approach. The full-phased approach is used for full cycle implementation comprising of all the six phases -

Operational Analysis

The Fast-forward approach is followed based on the requirements of the customer and the complexity of the business process. The approach encompasses the following 4 phases:

Operational Analysis

Fast-forward approach follows a fixed scope, set price offering for rapid implementation of Oracle Applications, thereby reducing complexity, time and cost without sacrificing functionality. This approach is most suited for mid-sized business operations.

Projects delivered using Oracle Applications
Oracle ERP implementation and support for a large credit card company   in the US
Oracle Applications 11i implementation and support for a large trading   company in the Middle-east
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