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Upgrade Services
60 Days to 11i - It is a unique opportunity for non 11i customer to upgrade their Oracle Application to 11i in sixty days.

The offering includes the following:

Pre-upgrade Assessment
Fixed pricing and on time delivery
Global Delivery Model to reduce cost by 30%
Financials, Manufacturing, and Distribution modules
Re-engineer existing custom reports (up to 25 reports)
Review and fix existing (up to 3 interfaces)
Minimal post go-live support
Train the Trainer for the modules that were upgraded/implemented
Knowledge transfer in identified areas
Long-term support transition planning

Why Upgrade?
Time is running out. Oracle will soon discontinue support for earlier versions and is currently providing minimal support for earlier versions of Oracle Applications. To remain competitive, customers need to take advantage of new technologies and enhanced functionality including the new dimension modules offered in the latest version/releases. Additionally, your enterprise system needs to be in compliance with existing laws and regulations.

The new technical architecture of Oracle Applications offers the possibility of consolidating multiple instances into one. Upgrading saves time and money - no more maintaining multiple instances. An upgrade also provides the opportunity to develop uniform policies and procedures throughout the entire organization.

Why Telkite?
Telkite is a global outsourcing partner with a proven track record of providing the highest quality software development and support at the lowest cost. Just a few of the advantages of partnering with Telkite:

Experienced consultants who have successfully completed Oracle   Applications upgrades
Customer oriented global delivery option to reduce cost and time
Proven methodology and tools to expedite upgrade
Telkite will help you realign and deploy your in-house expertise for the   maximum benefit on the upgrade project – we will be true partners

Upgrade Options
Every organization has unique requirements and business objectives for an upgrade. An application upgrade can be classified under the following categories:

Functional Upgrade: This upgrade will analyze the new as well as improved functionalities, eliminate customizations and improve core business processes. This approach provides moderate ROI.

Strategic Upgrade: This category will cover the functional upgrade with strategic deployment of new dimension modules or enterprise applications such as CRM/Advanced Supply Chain Management/Self-service Applications. Any organizational scope expansion such as rollouts to new business units or new countries or locations falls under this category. This upgrade provides maximum ROI.

Technical Upgrade: This is more suitable for release upgrades or point upgrades to stay with the latest 11i release from Oracle and take advantage of some new features and functionalities.
Pre-upgrade Assessment
As part of our upgrade methodology, a pre-upgrade assessment is conducted to analyze and understand the existing application infrastructure and footprint. Based on this assessment, Telkite recommends a customer oriented upgrade option as well as providing recommendations for customization migration, archive and purging of historical data.
Upgrade Assistance Utilities/Tools
Using Oracle Standard Utilities and our own custom utilities, Telkite leverages the lessons learned and experience from its many years of implementing and upgrading Oracle Applications. Telkite’s use of these value-added utilities benefit our clients during upgrades/implementations by providing a faster implementation that results in reduced costs. The usage of these utilities is part of our knowledge transfer process during the upgrades/implementations.

Standard Oracle Utilities
Generic Loader: These utilities will help to load AOL data, workflow data, common modules data and some critical setup data to save time.

Oracle Applications Diagnostics Support Pack: The setup diagnostic tests assist in resolving product setup issues. Activity diagnostic tests assist in resolving problems related to a particular function or activity. Performance diagnostic tests assist in resolving performance problems. These tests validate and report errors and warnings. It also suggests corrective actions to resolve the issue.

The Upgrade Management system (TUMS): This utility helps to identify the steps required to be run during pre and post-upgrade phases.
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